Friday, January 8, 2010

Carnival Chimera

Carnival chimera is the result of the last mentioned project. This is the official cool color creature in a warm environment. I have recently been fascinated by over seas cultures and the history behind the masks in their cultures.
I have decided to make this a beginning to a great series. I will be painting "freaks" in circuses and carnivals, in an attempt to illustrate their magnificence and pain.

Into the Ice

Into the Ice is my second painting of the year, as you can tell it is not like any other polar bear known to man. This is a representation of a hybrid that I drew out my Junior year.
This year I made some modifications and finally painted the subject. I was going to turn it in as an assignment (Create a cool color creature and put it in a warm environment) but I changed my mind and turned it in as a personal piece.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Symbolic Lifeline

Symbolic Lifeline was my first senior painting.
It is an analogous color class assignment, I used
the reds oranges and complimentary colors.
I have recently been interested in a combination
of animalistic human figures... Or Hybrids.
Since I symbolism is what I like to do I took on
the topic of maternity and a version of the origin
of life.

Piece inspired by "What comes first. The chicken? Or the egg?"