Monday, February 10, 2014

Digital Class Final 2012

This was my final that I turned in to my digital class. My professor was quite pleased with how it turned out even though it would've been nice it I went in and added a bit more detail later on. For my final (the left side picture) I made my very first digital illustration/airbrush tool painting design. For the final we had to take a line drawing and and color/depth to it. So I took a Bob Marley line drawing design and went to town with the skin tone colors and layers tool. I loved this assignment, I found it challenging and refreshing. I had little to no experience painting or illustrating people with skin tones darker than mine. Making this piece helped me not only want to try a media that I am not familiar with, but also become a better artist. Digital painting. Illustration. Sophomore.

Quetzalcoatl Digital Design 2012

In our digital design class we were taught how to use Photoshop to make designs from scratch using only the line tool. This is my first attempt at making a digital drawing using only the "drawing tool". I decided to make a drawing that had more meaning to me. So I decided to make my drawing of the famous Quetzalcoatl hieroglyph. Digital media. Sophomore.

Digital Media Collage/Self Portrait 2012

This was a digital collage self portrait for my Digital Design class. I scanned the line drawing of a caricature I drew in school and over lapped it on a photograph of myself. Underneath the drawing are juxtaposed flowers and leaves that I also scanned and placed in a very ornamental fashion. Design, digital media. Sophomore.

Design Collage Excerpt 2011

In this piece we had to take a segment or 'focal point' from the before mentioned design collage and make it into a Grey scale painting design. If you look closely to the left side of the color spectrum collage; you can see the lion face portion. That became my abstracted section that I turned into a completely different piece. This is an acrylic painting on thick paper board material. Sophomore.

Design Spectrum Collage 2012

Design class assignment. This is the final product of a first draft drawing. The black outlines in the collage symbolize the pencil drawing portion in the original sketch. The lines are a compilation of geometric designs and a Tibetan Buddhist symbol. Then I browsed magazines and cut out segments to make this progressive color spectrum. Collage design. Sophomore.  

Design Class. Installation 2011-2012

In my Design class we had an installation project. We where to use a strong focal point for the installation and if we wanted we could use up to 3 connecting walls.There was just one requirement: It had to look perfect when looked at from a certain angle. This installation was inspired by The Legend of Zelda, Majora's Mask. This picture was captured from the point of view of the viewer. The depth and perspective of the piece was so perfect, it was actually stolen later on. The media was Acrylic paint over paper that was taped together. Sophomore.

Quick Hand Still Life Study 2011

In class still life, vine and compressed charcoal drawing. This is an additive drawing; the opposite of the erase away drawings. The purpose of this was to not focus too much on the big details but rather try and cover as much in the given time frame. This was a bit challenging for me. I tend to fixate on details often. Sophomore.