Saturday, August 21, 2010

Skateboard Painting/Design

For a next assignment I decided to approach a different type of canvas...
I took a child skateboard that I had, took all of the residue of the old design off and applied my own imagination to it.
The painting is of an octopus coming out of an abstract ocean.
This is the piece that follows "Carnival Chimera", this is the second piece of my circus freaks painting series (just for fun)
Instead of painting "the bearded lady" I thought it would be interesting to paint a lioness..
This painting is supposed to be sort of eerie, but also very majestic.

Finished Buddha

this is the picture of the final product of the past shown Buddha painting. The Background turned out to be a tad bit different than what I was originally planing on doing. Instead of painting on the different mantras I left if pure red, either way I like the final result.