Monday, February 10, 2014

Still Life 2. 2011

This is perhaps my favorite of still lifes I made in my sophomore year in MCA. The light source came from the left side of the drawing. There, you can see a cinder block behind a bottle of wine. The same lantern is at the center and an old miniature grandfather clock next to it. Behind the clock, another glass bottle and in front of the clock an umbrella. Rendering the wine bottle I found, was quite enjoyable. I feel like addressing the different textures of glass, cement, wood and plastic was successful in this piece. This is the first erase away drawing that I finally gave in on using a bit of burnt amber charcoal to accent the cloth dropped down behind the still life and a bit on the different materials. I did not however use a lot of this color. Using too much would've made it look muggy. This is also the only still life where I used white to accent certain areas. The ONLY parts that have a bit of white charcoal are the cinder block and wine bottle label. Erase away. Compressed white, black and burnt amber charcoal. Sophomore.

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